The Service Provider situation

The mobile device has become an intrinsic part of the customer’s work, life and play.

The importance of customer mobility and a 'mobile first' strategy is key to a successful Cloud telephony offering.

Service Providers need to create more relevance and 'stickiness' in the face of 'Over The Top' solutions.

Hosted UC services, once deployed too often become 'set and forget'.

What we hear

Complications for Service Providers

Customers consistently use less than 5% of the Hosted UC feature set.

Customers rarely interact and modify their Hosted UC service, despite the huge effort put into customer education and self service web portals.

Service Providers find it difficult to monetise the expanding feature set. They are forced to bundle and discount to differentiate.

UC features are numerous and often too complex making education impossible and usage low.

At the end of a customer's contract, the inevitable "I hardly used any features. I just want a better price" confronts every telco sales person!

The Question

How to get subscribers to consume features

How does a Service Provider get their customers to consume the features that drive the ongoing value (stickiness)?

What if, without intervention, the BroadWorks service dynamically changed its behaviour, activating and de-activating powerful UC features, based on context (where, what, when), in real time?

The Answer

Your Personal Intelligent Persona Assistant

The mobile phone in your hand becomes an extension of YOU.

PiPA, using all the hardware sensors and software capabilities of the smartphone, automatically triggers powerful 'Recipes' that manage all the complex features of BroadWorks.

Driving massive simplification of the user experience, while harnessing the power of BroadWorks UC features.

Think of PiPA as your Personal, intelligent, Persona Assistant.