The Sensors

Using the power of the Smartphone

With over ten (10) sensors available to PiPA, much can be done to make sure the Hosted UC service is 'keeping up' with the subscriber.

The 'Context' of what a person is doing, where they are and what they want to do is important information that can be gleaned from the smartphone sensors.

The Broadworks Services

Harnessing the power of BroadWorks

Used in the right way, at the right time, BroadWorks UC features are immensely powerful, allowing people to be more productive, more connected and in control of their business and personal communications.

PiPA talks, in real time, to BroadWorks and automatically changes one or a number of the features to maximise the effectiveness of the feature to suit the person. Truely matching 'What, where and How' they would like to communicate.