Recipe #1

Flip To Do Not Disturb

flipfordndUsing the mobile phone's accelerometer, FLIP your phone over (180 degrees) on the desk during a meeting and send a message to your BroadWorks service to activate 'Do Not Disturb'.

Recipe #2

SimRing When Out Of The Office

simringifoooKnowing that you are not at the office, PiPA automatically activates your 'Simultaneous Ring' service so that your other devices ring when your desk phone rings. When you are in the office, the service is de-activated so that you don't have that annoying situation when all your devices start ringing when you are sitting at your desk!

Recipe #3

Flick To Call Push/Pull

shaketocallpullHave you ever returned to the office while on a call and wished you could continue the call on your desk phone? A simple FLICK movement of your phone will activate the BroadWorks 'Call Push/Pull' feature and move the call to your desk phone without the call being interrupted. If you want to get up and leave, simply 'Pull' the call back with another FLICK. Magic!

Recipe #4

Shake to Change Persona

shaketoswappersonaIn this Mobile UC world we live in, we have both business and personal personas. During business hours, when you make a call, your business number is used. But SHAKE the phone and you can make a personal call using your BroadWorks 'Personal Persona'. SHAKE it again and you are back using your 'Business Persona'!